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10 September 2013



The price of Potatoes has reduced dramatically due to better weather conditions and now hopefully we’ve gone past that barren spell and the price will stay at a sensible level for the next few months. We have excellent local Kingsbridge Jacket Potatoes in 40 & 50 count, Mids, & 25kg Washed Potatoes. We currently also have best fresh local Moreleigh 25kg Dirty Marfona & Maris Piper in stock.  




There’s a wide choice of local Veg around at the moment : Hispi Cabbage, Primo Cabbage, Runner Beans, Raw Beetroot, Bunch Beetroot, Carrots and Curly Kale. We’ve just had in the first of our local Leek from Stokeinteignhead and that will continue right through to April / May next year. Local Courgette is sadly just starting to come to an end and we will then move on to new season French. The price of Cauliflower has crept up and local Cauliflower is coming through slowly, but by the end of the month and most certainly start of October there should be plenty of local around so price will come back and as always with the local produce the quality will be excellent, the freshness unrivalled. Compared to last year there’s a good crop of local Swede, again quality is excellent and very good value. Another local Root Veg which normally starts early October and goes right through to early next year, but could make an appearance before that, is Parsnip.  




We’ve still got regular local Flat Lettuce, Lollo Rosso, Oak Leaf, Radichio & Cos Lettuce from Sidmouth, depending on the weather we hope to keep that going until the middle of October. The local lettuce won’t stop there though, as we will move on to our supplier at Ottery through the winter months. Some bits of Spanish Salad have started to come on earlier than expected, for example Tomatoes and Cucumbers, but there is still good Dutch & English produce around at least until the end of the month.



 Our Devon and Cornwall Strawberry and Raspberry suppliers are still in production, with both forecasting, subject to weather, a further 3 to 6 weeks of supply, which is great news for those of us who want local produce for as long as we can get it.

We’ve had English Discovery Apples for a week or two now, and other traditional English varieties will follow in the coming weeks. French Apples will remain strong in price but here again, new season quality is good.

South African and South American Lemons will remain tight and continue to be high in price for the next couple of weeks, when new season Turkish Lemons will become available and we should see the price easier. Oranges will be stable in the large sizes but in a couple of weeks once import duty kicks in, we may find prices will increase. The first proper Spanish Easy Peelers will be available in 7-10 days, with fruit expected to be in good condition and competitive. 

We have seen an increase in Melon prices as the market is now supplied from Brazil rather than Europe, though the quality will be excellent.  Nectarine and Peach from Italy and Spain are coming to an end after a season of shorter supply than in previous years.






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